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WestfieldFloors.com is your local flooring contractor specializing in all aspects of hardwood floor installation and care. Call us today at 732.735.2037 for your free estimate.

From new installations to repairs to refinishing and even cleaning & waxing, we are here to take care for your hardwood floors. We provide services in most areas of New Jersey - we are based in Westfield, NJ. Please click on the services links below to learn more about our service offerings. We can also be reached at 732.735.2037.

Hardwood Floor Services

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Floor Installations

We are your expert hardwood flooring installation contractor. You provide the materials or we can do it all. Call us for a free estimate - 732.735.2037

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Floor Refinishing

Are your floors looking old and tired? We can bring them back to life and have them looking new for years to come. Call 732.735.2037 for your free estimate

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Floor Repairs

Sometimes floors need a little more than simply refinishing. We have the experience to repair even the most challenging floors. Call us today 732.735.2037

Our Customers Love Us...

  • WestfieldFloors handled my floor refinishing job with great care. They were tidy and professional. They were not the lowest cost estimate, but we're glad we made the choice we did. Highly recommended! ~ Frank S. (Westfield)

  • We originally thought that our floors would need to be ripped out and replaced. However, WestfieldFloors explained that our floors could be repaired and refinished to look like new at a small fraction of the cost. Thank you WestfieldFloors for not overselling us! ~ Brenda Z. (Cranford)

  • I love the fact that WestfieldFloors allowed me to purchase my own flooring material and they would install it for a reasonable per square foot cost. This allowed me to shop around for flooring material and manage the cost of my project to fit within my budget. No other contractor proposed that option. ~ Joe C. (Summit)