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What is your service area? Do your work in my town?

We are based in Westfield, NJ and we service most parts of New Jersey.  We also do work in eastern PA and parts of NYC and Westchester / Rockland Counties in New York.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

Is your refinishing process “dust-free”?

No sanding oriented refinishing process is 100% dust-free, but our modern equipment and expert process minimizes dust creation during the sanding process.  The “dust-free” processes that others advertise do not involve sanding and will not provide the quality finish that our work does.

Do you need access to my electrical panel to perform your work?

Yes, our equipment operates on 220v and needs to be tied directly into your panel in most cases.   The process is entirely safe and your power panel will be returned to its original state when we are done.

Will I be able to select color and finish?

Absolutely!  Whether we are installing a new floor or refinishing an existing floor, you will have full control over the exact color and type of finish.  We will also have you make your choice of oil or water-based products.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take all forms of payment including cash, check, major credit cards and even PayPal.

I would like to buy my own flooring material. Is that OK?

Sure.  Many of our customers like to shop for their own flooring material.  We will provide you with measurements so you can place your order.  You will also need additional materials such as glue, stain, baseboard molding, etc. which you can provide or we can include in our estimate.

We have rugs and tack strips that need to be removed first. Do you do that work?

Yes, we are happy to perform the removal of your existing rugs, tackstrips and staples for a small additional fee.

Do you install new baseboard molding if needed?

Yes. If your project requires new quarter-round or full baseboard molding, we are happy to do that work for an extra fee which we will discuss.